~ Michael, The Imprecatory Angel ~

Author Daniel Gura

Title: God's Avenger Michael, The Imprecatory Angel
Author: Daniel John Gura
ISBN # 978-1-4141-1091-2
Review Date: January 29, 2011
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10 stars

A movie in the making, "Godís Avenger Michael, The Imprecatory Angel" written by Daniel John Gura is a exciting, gripping and fascinating read. This pro-life Christian fiction novel will touch your heart and cause you to ponder one of today's most controversial and profound issues - the lives of the unborn. A fiction novel that is interwoven with life, truth and realities of monumental proportion.

The author's writing style will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat coupled with an expectancy of what the next page, character or chapter will bring. There are no idle sections to be found in this book which flows from one page to the next. You will not be able to put the book down as each situation unfolds and the next is birthed. The book is captivating and engaging as the author portrays the righteousness of God being inflicted upon the evil and wickedness of mankind through this Imprecatory Angel, Michael.

Each character comes to life in this fast paced novel as the author describes each scene with real intensity and real-life drama. As each situation unfolds, the book reads like an action movie on paper. The author makes you feel as if you are right there with the characters as they try to unravel the unfolding mysteries of the disasters happening around them. From rumors to hypotheticals, something is unfolding beyond the natural with the supernatural taking the forefront.

Just as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were spared in Old Testament times with all unharmed 'without even the smell of smoke' on their clothing or a scratch on their persons. Just like the plagues of Moses that were unleashed on Egypt in biblical times, this book has supernatural, righteous judgement and justice woven all through the mesmerizing pages, all the while bringing praise and glory to God.

This is a timely and important piece of work addressing one of today's most controversial issues - saving the lives of the unborn. After reading this book, one must come to the conclusion of considering the life of the unborn to be to monumental to just sit down and remain silent. This pro-life novel reveals God's justice that is magnificent in scope, supernatural in nature and just as evil was destroyed back in Old Testament times, the author reveals, God still hears the imprecatory prayers of his Saints and answers prayers with a righteous cause. Good triumphs over evil in this magnificently written novel, while lives are forever changed in the process.

A highly recommended book not just because of the cause, but because it is superbly written from the opening page to the closing page. As was stated in the opening sentence of this review, "God's Avenger Michael, The Imprecatory Angel" is a movie in the making.

God's Avenger Michael, The Imprecatory Angel

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10 stars
Reviewed by: CBM Book Reviews

   Thoughts Of A Regular Guy

God's Avenger
by Daniel John Gura
Pleasant Word, 324 pages, $15.21

We pro-lifers spend a lot of time in prayer. For many of us, prayer is our primary -- even sole -- method of opposing abortion.

Some of us have been privileged to see our prayers answered as babies are saved from abortion when their mothers turn away from the clinic doors, or abortion workers quit their work, or clinics close due to their protests.

But not all the prayers are for conversion of hearts and minds. Some prayers, the "imprecatory prayers" call upon God to visit his justice on those who perform abortions.

When those prayers are answered, what might it look like? That's the question Dan Gura has set out to answer in God's Avenger: Michael, The Imprecatory Angel.

The action begins with the middle-of-the night partial collapse of a Chicago office tower, City Gate Tower 8, home to the national headquarters of the "Council of Women" and their flagship abortion clinic. No one is injured, but some who are close by are preserved from harm only by miraculous mean ...

Read the entire post here.

Get Ready For A Heart Pounding Spiritual Battle! by Ray Venture

Posted August 9, 2010, 7:56 PM EST: This book is a RIVETING Christian novel about spiritual struggle and battle over the destruction of the unborn in a way never written. Compelling and thrilling is an understatement! This is the first book in a long time that reads like a Christian version of the show "24" infused with the similar flair of Frank Peretti, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkin's writing styles combined. A must read for all pro-lifers and any Christians who love reading solid, compelling "hanging on the edge of your seat" captivating Christian Fiction. I could not put this book down until I finished it. Be prepared to isolate yourself for 2 days and enjoy the thrill ride and suspense of a book that will change your life forever concerning this most pressing issue in our time --- Preserving the sanctity of life of the Unborn. This book is an inspirational wake up call for all of those who want to protect the life of the un-born!!

Corrina Corrina "Reminds me of Left Behind"

Posted April 26, 2010, 7:55 PM EST: This book reminds me of "Left Behind" because it mines the Bible for truths, then interprets a way that those truths might be carried out in the real world. It's a story of how God might choose to answer Christian's prayers for an end to abortion--by sending His angel to close the places that kill babies. Like "Left Behind," God's action (this time it's his angel) starts the book. The book explains the Truth of how you can become a Christian (and why you should be), which reminds me of LB and Fireproof. And it has a scene where believers are spared God's punishment (like when the Believers are the only ones able to see in the dark in LB). The characters are creative--and sometimes really funny (Granny has some great lines!). There are dedicated Protestant and Catholic pro-lifers who go to the clinics regularly to pray, including a gregarious 100 year old woman; there is a building inspector who sees an angel but doesn't understand (or want to admit) what he saw; there are bureaucrats who can't admit a miracle happened; a flamboyant minister who doesn't really care about God; an abortionist, tormented by his nightmares... The pro-abortion characters (like the women in charge of the "Council of Women" (COW--lol)) are admittedly a bit flat, but they're not the point anyway. I really would love it if all Christians got together to praise God like they do in this book. I wish more Protestants would come to the clinics--perhaps reading this might inspire some more people to come out. I wish there were good Christians everywhere and in every line of work like there are in this book (and maybe there are and I'm just being overly pessimistic). And I LOVE the thought of tens of thousands of Christians gathering in the streets to sing and pray and praise God together! Despite the fact that the book is all about a destroyed abortion clinic, the prologue makes it really clear that the author is not in favor of violence.

5.0 Out Of 5 Stars What Does God Think of Abortion?
October 6, 2010

By Fred Karl: God's Avenger: Michael, the Imprecatory Angel (Paperback)

Entertaining fictional Pro-Life novel. Although the story is fictional, abortion is not. I found myself envious of those characters in the story in which God revealed himself directly to them. There are many books in the Bible which attest that God will reveal himself. The faith of most characters was solidified; however, others continued to doubt their faith by rationalizing other outside influences as the reason why events in the story occurred. It reconfirmed what I think I already knew about what God thinks about abortion. In the real world, the story makes you wonder if these events in the novel will ever happen to help defend the lives of the unborn.

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