~ Michael, The Imprecatory Angel ~

Author Daniel John Gura

Author Dan Gura

People often ask why I am pro-life. As the father of four children, two of whom are adopted, I guess you could say it was two young mothers who choose life that cemented the right-to-life in my heart.

Another defining incident was when I learned Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, in Park Ridge, Illinois, where our two oldest children were born, performs abortions on perfectly healthy babies. Foolish me, I thought a hospital with the cross of our Savior on its roof, the very same hospital which brags about its neonatal intensive care unit, would be the safest place in the world for a pre-born baby.

Since becoming aware, I have led numerous prayer vigils at abortion mills as well as in front of the abortionist’s houses. I have been blessed with having Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League as a friend and mentor.

In doing research for God’s Avenger, I would use my concordance to find the right quote or passage—and in doing so I would be led to a dozen other inspired tracts and gain direction and insight from them. I found the more I read about the Imprecatory Psalms the more I was humbled and impressed with their relevance to the crime of abortion. Is there anyone more defenseless than a pre-born baby?

One of my proudest achievements was being fired as a columnist for a Chicago area newspaper for being “too Christian, too controversial, and too conservative.” I think God’s Avenger proves they were right on all accounts.

My deepest prayer is that my book will have an impact on the abortion debate just as Uncle Tom’s Cabin helped change America’s attitude toward human bondage.

I know that with prayer all things are possible. Do I believe God will end abortion by sending an avenging angel swinging the flaming sword of justice? It really doesn’t matter how He does it…but I know the day is coming when no child in the womb need be sore afraid because He will end abortion.

 Dan Gura

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